Soyouz mission | Euro Space Center

Mission 2 days


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Only on reservation

Discovery Mission

2 days

Board the space shuttle for a space mission! Lift-off, orbiting, satellite release, docking with the ISS and return to Earth. But before, train on our simulators (multi-axis chair, rotating chair, Moonwalk/Marswalk XP, zero-gravity wall) and build your own microrocket.

ISS Mission

1 day

Visit our interactive multimedia show and train on two of our simulators: the multi-axis chair and the Moonwalk and Marswalk XP are on the program for your astronaut day. You'll learn a great deal about living in space from the experience.

Ariane Mission

1 day

Visit the interactive multimedia show and test three of our astronaut training simulators. The multi-axis chair, the Moonwalk and Marswalk XP, the rotating chair and a microrocket workshop will make your space day unlike any other. Welcome aboard! Prepare for immediate lift-off.