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Ariane Mission

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Age: 8 and older. The Ariane mission offers a customised program to explore the fascinating world of space and rockets. You'll discover the daily life of astronauts before moving to the launch pad to launch your own model rocket.

Mission program

Visit the interactive multimedia show and try several astronaut training simulators. Multi-axis chair, Moonwalk and Marswalk XP, rotating chair...Follow the footsteps of future astronauts. Then join our rocket building and launch workshop. Action-reaction! The launch pad is ready and the count-down has started!

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Rotating chair

This simulator turns on a single axis to reproduce the sensation of vertigo. The rotating chair trains astronauts to deal with space sickness.

Multi-axis chair

Simulates the disorientation experienced in a space capsule.The multi-axis chair is standard training for astronauts.

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Discovery Mission

2 days

Board the space shuttle for a space mission! Lift-off, orbiting, satellite release, docking with the ISS and return to Earth. But before, train on our simulators (multi-axis chair, rotating chair, Moonwalk/Marswalk XP, zero-gravity wall) and build your own microrocket.

ISS Mission

1 day

Visit our interactive multimedia show and train on two of our simulators: the multi-axis chair and the Moonwalk and Marswalk XP are on the program for your astronaut day. You'll learn a great deal about living in space from the experience.

Soyouz Mission

2 days

Train like an astronaut on our simulators, explore the fascinating world of astronomy and build your own rocket... The launch pad is waiting and your rocket is ready for lift-off! You'll learn everything about space during your immersion in the astronauts' way of life.