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Small steps on the Moon and Mars: major sensations!

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Moonwalk/ Marswalk XP

Where will you be in 2040? Will you be on your way to Mars? That’s a long time from now...why not travel to the Red Planet with us today! That’s right, a trip to the fourth planet of the Solar System! Red dust, volcanoes, craters, sand amazing landscapes while experiencing real Martian gravity. That’s it: you now weigh three times less than on Earth. And, luckily, we’ll protect you from the average temperature of -60 °C ☺. Not all Earthlings will have an opportunity to walk on the Moon and on Mars. Don’t miss this unique experience!

Practical information:

The Moon and Mars walks are additional to the Space Travel offer.

Duration: Approx. 5 minutes. A round trip to each planet in our simulator, equipped with a virtual reality mask.

Minimum: 6 years old – maximum 100 kg

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Moonwalk/Marswalk XP photo gallery – photo 1 to 4 (click to enlarge)
Moonwalk/Marswalk XP photo gallery – photo 2 to 4 (click to enlarge)
Moonwalk/Marswalk XP photo gallery – photo 3 to 4 (click to enlarge)
Moonwalk/Marswalk XP photo gallery – photo 4 to 4 (click to enlarge)

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