As a Space Hero,
you take part in a space mission alone, with you family or with friends. 
A role-playing game to be played outside with a tablet.

Space Heroes

Welcome to the world of Space Heroes

As a Space Hero, you’ll go outside and take part in a space mission using a tablet. You’ll travel through space-time in four different worlds: the conquest of space, telecommunications, astronomy and the space industry. You’ll take up challenges (thought, agility, observation) and earn points based on your speed and the accuracy of your answers…as well as on the features of your character! Don’t make a mistake, pick the right avatar! 

Beep 2.1

This latest-generation robot can feel human emotions. It’s absent-minded, loves butterflies and tends to do foolish things… 


Hurlock is an alien humanoid. He’s half man, half woman. He’s very calm and could be considered wise...

Jim Kenway

This young astronaut trainee is passionate and fearless. He has to be kept under control, to the point of appearing a little simple. 

Nathan Flint

Nathan is an experienced astronaut. He’s seductive and a bragger. He’s always clumsily trying to promote himself.

Tania Bradley

Tania Bradley is both intelligent and beautiful. She earned her commander stripes during field missions and is very knowledgeable.


In the following gallery , discover different pictures of the "Space Heroes"

Space Heroes photo gallery – photo 1 to 6 (click to enlarge)
Space Heroes photo gallery – photo 2 to 6 (click to enlarge)
Space Heroes photo gallery – photo 3 to 6 (click to enlarge)
Space Heroes photo gallery – photo 4 to 6 (click to enlarge)
Space Heroes photo gallery – photo 5 to 6 (click to enlarge)
Space Heroes photo gallery – photo 6 to 6 (click to enlarge)

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